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Borough Market 

Borough Market is the most prominent food market in London, dating back to at least the 11th century. Traders would gather on this site to sell meat, fish fruit and vegetables to the local population. The market was so popular that, when Parliament attempted to close it in 1755, the locals raised £6,000 to keep it open. That’s over £1,000,000 pounds in today’s money!

Visiting the market makes it easy to understand why they went to such an effort. With over 100 stalls selling some of the best street food money can buy, Borough Market (or ‘The Triangle’ as it is known locally) is a place of pilgrimage for foodies from around the world.

We are pleased to offer three tours that experience Borough Market. All the tours offer a charming guide to share fascinating information about the areas history. We also point you in the direction of the best food and drink vendors around. Whether on our River Thames Bike Tour or River Thames Evening Bike Tour, we look forward to showing you London's oldest food market.