Discontinued: Private Deluxe Biergarten Food Experience

Discontinued: Private Deluxe Biergarten Food Experience

We're sorry, this activity is no longer available.

Enjoy an amazing local experience by sampling traditional biergarten food at one of Munich’s most picturesque locations.  The Chinese Tower in the English Garden is famous as one of Munich’s best biergartens, and there’s no better way to enjoy the atmosphere than by sampling great local favorites carefully prepared for you by a local chef!

With classic Bavarian cheese spread, family recipe potato salad, freshly baked Franconian bread, pretzels, smoked meat, Allgauer cheese, and Bavarian meat patties, you won't leave hungry!  All food will be prepared just for you by the chef.  Additionally, either he or his assistant will be there to explain all food and delight you with stories of Munich.

In addition to all the food in our "Private Traditional Biergarten Food Experience" option, we add an additional platter of roasted meat, seasonal salad, and Kuchen dessert.

Add a beer tasting to your experience:  As is customary at German biergartens, you may bring your own food but purchasing beverages on site is required.  Picking the right beer can be tricky, so we are happy to organize a sampling!  Just add beer tasting to your booking and we will take care of the rest.  Please note that if you are combining this booking with a Segway Tour, you may not ride Segways after drinking.

Booking within the next two weeks? We usually require at least two weeks advance booking for this activity, but please contact us to see if we have any last-minute availability.

    • English-speaking guide
    • All food
    • Your chef or his assistant will be there to tell you about the food and answer questions
    • Add a Beer Tasting to complete the experience!  Unless you have selected the beer tasting option, drinks will be at your own expense. While German tradition allows you to bring your own food to biergartens, you do need to purchase your beverages on site.  Add "Beer Tasting" to your booking and we will include a great mix of beers to sample!
    • Unless you are adding this as an addition to one of our private tours, you will need to arrange for your own transportation to/from the biergarten.




    Booking a private tour online is fast, easy, and you will receive an instant confirmation.  Once you’ve booked you are ready to tour!  The price of your private tour depends on the size of your group:

    • Groups of up to 4 people for the food-only experience are a group-price of €260
    • Add beer tasting for a groups of up to 4 people for a group-price of €35

    If you have more than 4 people, each additional person over 4 is €55 each for the food experience, and €10 each for the beer tasting.

    To place your booking, first select one group of up to 4 participants for the group-price of €260. Then, if your group has more than 4 participants, you should additionally select the number of people over 4.  For example, for a group of 6 people you would select one group of 4 and add 2 extra guests.  Should you also be interested in the beer tasting, select first one group of up to 4 people, and then select the number of additional people over 4 that want to participate in the beer tasting. Once you add your selection to the cart your total price will be displayed for you to review.


Tour Highlights

  • Sampling of traditional biergarten food
  • Local chef to prepare the food just for you
  • Either the chef or his assistant will be there to lead you through the food experience and answer any questions
  • Option to add beer tasting
  • Local hotspot in the English Garden
  • In addition to all the food in our "Traditional Biergarten Food Experience" option, we add an additional platter of roasted meat, seasonal salad, and Kuchen dessert.
  • Your chef - who is also one of our esteemed tour guides and author of a Munich tour guide book - or his assistant will meet you at the beer garden. If you are are adding the Traditional Biergarten Food Experience to one of our private tours, your guide will take you directly to your table where the food will be waiting. If you are booking this as a stand-alone experience, please include your mobile phone number so we can say where exactly in the biergarten we have set up your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Expand/Collapse Is the Chinese Tower the only possible location where this can be conducted?

    Any of the more than 80 biergartens in and around the city would be possible, though those outside the inner city are not very practical and some are too small to guarantee enough seats and space (e.g. Viktualienmarkt). Let us know where you are staying and most likely there is a biergarten right in the neighborhood.

  • Expand/Collapse I a vegetarian/vegan/non-beer-drinker/allergic - is the Biergarten Food Experience suitable for me?

    There are all kinds of diets and allergies and certainly we can't cater for everybody, but already our Traditional Food Experience option has enough selections for vegetarians. We can even do this completely vegetarian, but vegan is not compatible with Bavarian traditions.

    We will try our best also for persons with allergies, but please note that our chef is not a trained dietary cook and can hence not guarantee to conform strict regulations (e.g. 100 % gluten free is not easy and anyway - beer contains quite a lot of that stuff).

    Certainly there is no obligation to drink alcohol and there are great alternatives such as apfelsaftschorle and the famous “Spezi”. Additionally, Munich has maybe the best tap water on the planet.

  • Expand/Collapse What happens when it rains?

    On our other tours, we can widely run in most weather conditions. Germany is not a dry country and hence getting wet from time to time is part of everyday life. That definitely doesn't apply for this Biergarten Experience as the biergartens close on very rainy days and anyway, who wants to drink a watered-down beer? We thus reserve the right to cancel this Food Experience with a full refund on a 24-hour notice, and you can do the same.

  • Expand/Collapse Are the times of the Food Experience fixed or can those be tweaked?

    Certainly if you are booking this experience as part of one of our private guided tours, we will coordinate both the tour and the Food Experience so that they flow smoothly with one another.  If you are booking this experience on its own, please select the time option that most closely works best. Should you need to tweak that, please notify us as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.

  • Expand/Collapse Is this appropriate for a stag / hen party?

    Munich is a fantastic city for a whole host of reasons, and regardless of the purpose of your trip there is certainly something fantastic on offer. Our chef would prefer that stag and hen party groups enjoy Munich’s many biergartens on their own, as this experience is much more about the food and culture than it is about pounding back lots of beer.

  • Expand/Collapse What if there are more than 8 people in my party?

    Within limits we can work with a variety of group sizes.  Please email us directly so we can work out the best option for your group.

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