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Hi, I’m Richard, originally from Manchester. I’ve been in Paris since 2012, and am still discovering new things to see and do! I started with Fat Tire in 2015 and am still enjoying it! Getting paid to cycle around and talk about history? Not a bad gig! I speak English, French and Italian. I think all tour guides love travelling, and I’m no exception. My favourite country? It has to be Italy. Great culture, scenery and food – the perfect combination!

We offer so many tours here at Fat Tire, I really think we have something for everyone. Our Day Bike tour is a great first day activity in Paris to get your bearings, and Versailles or Monet’s Gardens are great day trips out of the city for people staying a week or so. And my favourite tour? I’ll go with something different and say the Catacombs tour. How often do you get to walk through the underworld of a city, passing by millions of skeletons? It will certainly give you a different insight into this great city!

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