Best Things to do with Kids in Paris

Planning your time in Paris can be overwhelming, but add young kids and their needs into the mix, and the planning gets even more complicated. Fear not, a trip to Paris with littles can be fun and enjoyable for everyone! Here are a few tips and suggestions for smooth memory-making as a family.

Best Activities Kids Will Enjoy in Paris

Whether you visit the smaller neighborhood squares scattered throughout the city, or the bigger and more famous parks, carving out some time every day to let the kids run around and get out some energy is our first suggestion to keeping everyone sane.

Champs de Mars

With the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop, a picnic and run around the playground here will be good for a memorable few hours. In the warmer months, you can also find little go-carts or pony rides to try as well.

Jardin Luxembourg

You have to pay to get into the playground (€2 per kid) but it is totally worth it. This paid area is huge and full of equipment for all different ages. It can get crowded in there, so go early or visit the carousel, see the Marionette show, or rent the iconic wooden sailboats to push around the fountain in front of the palace.

Tuileries Garden

While there aren’t a lot of large grassy areas here, the location in the center of the city makes up for it, and for most of the year a fun carnival is on one side along rue de Rivoli. Also worth remembering there is a small trampoline square at the end by Place de Concorde where kids can jump for a couple of euros.

Tuileries Garden in Paris, France

Jardin d’Acclimatation

This little 20 acre amusement park built around 1860 is in the Bois de Boulogne on the east side of Paris, and has been beautifully maintained. There are playgrounds, carousels, carnival rides, a trolly train, pony and donkey rides, a small zoo, picnic areas, and peacocks roaming around. Parent bonus: They also have comfy sling chairs scattered all over the park, so parents can relax while little ones play. Entry costs €2 for ages 4 and up, then €2.80 per ticket for the attractions.

Paris Museums

Many museums, the Louvre, Orsay, and Invalides especially, have audio guides and exhibits, which will keep those aged 6-12 entertained. For those younger who may get board, consider the Natural History Museum and Jardin des Plantes as an alternative. You’ll leave the crowds behind in this quiet museum with life size animals filling the four story high building. The garden surrounding includes a small zoo and a little café worth stopping at as well.

Le Louvre in Paris, France

Bike Rides

Nothing beats getting some fresh air and seeing the city on a bike. Consider a three hour Day Bike Tour or the day-long Versailles Bike Tour which are very child friendly and full of interesting sites and stories. A variety of kids bikes and equipment makes this a breeze for kids of any age.

Family friendly travel with Fat Tire Tours.

River Cruises

A change of pace on the water can be a fascinating alternative to walking the streets or museum hallways. Purchase a Seine River Cruise Ticket which includes a one hour boat cruise along the river with commentary and great views of the city.

Depending on what time of year you are here, there are always a variety of activities going on around the city. Check out this  calendar from the Paris Tourism Office for when you’re visiting.

Boat cruise on the River Seine.

Brunch at Le Yacht Club

Le Yacht Club is family-friendly/group-friendly restaurant due to the fact that it accepts reservations (no waiting in line with the littles), includes ample space (you won’t be squeezed in), provides high chairs (not everywhere has this option), and is delicious!
8 Rue Saint-Lazare, 75009
Cost: €30 per person
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