Paris Staff Spotlight: Kelsey’s Paris Tips

Kelsey – Customer Service Manager

Kelsey is our Customer Service Manager in Paris and has lived here in Paris with her family for 4 years. She loves getting to work in this beautiful city and meeting up for lunch or coffee with friends in her spare time. There are always new cafes opening up to check out! She also loves stumbling upon a good “brocante” or vintage market while wondering the neighborhoods.

Kelsey’s Top 3 Paris Tips

1. The Bois de Vincennes on the east side of Paris is one of my favorite parks as there are a lot of trails going through it. Also, the Coulee Verte is a nice long path along an old elevated train line. 

2. In the summer, there are a lot of outdoor movies being shown at parks, especially at Parc de la Villette every night! So fun to picnic while watching a movie outside!

3. I always make sure my friends get a Croissant Ispahan from Pierre Hermé while here, so good!

Favorite Paris Tour

I love all of our tours, but the Monet’s Gardens Bike Tour is so relaxed and such a fun ride. It’s a great opportunity to get out of the city and see the beautiful Normandy countryside, while also experiencing the wonderful garden in Giverny as well. Impressionism is my favorite type of art and it was such a fun tour to learn more about that. [Learn more about the Monet’s Gardens Bike Tour]

Waterlilies at Monet's Garden in Giverny, France.

Whether you are planning a trip to Paris or spending your days day-dreaming about visiting the “City of Light”, we have a Fat Tire Tours Travel Community that you can join for inquiries and answers revolving around Paris.