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Buckingham Palace

In 1703, Buckingham Palace was built by Edward Blore for the Duke of Buckingham to have a large townhouse. Buckingham Palace is located in Westminster and extends for 40 acres. In Buckingham Palace there are 775 rooms that make up 77,000 m2  of floor space. In 1962, the Queens Gallery was open to the public in place of the Palace Chapel which was destroyed by a German bomb in World War II.

Today, Buckingham Palace is the living and working place for the current monarch of the UK. The first monarch to live in the Palace was Queen Victoria in 1837. There are over 800 staff members at a given time working in the palace. The guard's post at the forecourt of Buckingham Palace and are a very popular attraction

You can cycle by Buckingham Palace on our Royal London Bike Tour or watch the most famous ceremony in the world on thhe Ultimate Changing of the Guard Experience.

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