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Angel of Peace

Heralding your entrance into the city of Munich, standing atop her 38 meter high column is the Angel of Peace, covered in 24 karat gold leaf at 6 meters tall herself, the Friedensengel is easily one of the most memorable landmarks in the city and one that you should not miss during your visit.

Unveiled in 1896, the Angel of Peace was constructed in honor of 25 years of peace following the second Franco-German war ending in 1871. The angel is a replica of Paeonius’ Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, originally sculpted in 420 BC in Greece.  She herself holds one hand aloft with an olive branch in her fingers symbolizing a wish for continued peace between France & the Germans, while in her left hand she holds a Palladion: a protective figure, in this case of the goddess Athena signifying victory and wisdom. The lower halls below the Friedensengel and her corinthian column feature stunning tiled mosaics illustrating various allegories of war, peace, victory and the strength of Bavarian culture.

Not just a marvelous sight in the city, the Friedensengel is also a terrific place to wind down on an afternoon with drinks and a small picnic. Facing into the west with a very high vantage point, taking up a perch on the viewing platform at the base of the monument gives a great view over the city as the sun sets with the last rays glittering over the various rooftops and down along Prinzregentenstraße. The position is a popular one with locals as much as visitors and you’ll likely make some new friends in your time there as the party atmosphere lights up somewhat. It really is the perfect place to take a bottle of champagne to celebrate the end of another perfect day in Munich.

Angel of Peace

Practical Information

Bus is your best option taking the #100 to stop “Reitmorstraße/Sammlung Schack”

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