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The Victuals Market or Viktualienmarkt is the central town produce market for the Munich old-town and one of the locals’ best loved spots. Not just a place to buy fruit and vegetables, the Viktualienmarkt has delicacies for sale from all over Bavaria and the German speaking world, as well as restaurants, bars and plenty of opportunities for fast & cheap eats. 

Back in Munich’s history, the Marienplatz that we know today was originally a grain market and when this became too small with the increasing population of the city, the Viktualienmarkt location became a de facto overflow market. This evolution was eventually officially recognised by King Maximilian I in 1807 and the market has remained in its place ever since, proudly serving the people of the town with their food requirements. 

Featuring 140 food stalls providing everything from flowers, exotic fruit, game, poultry, spices, cheese, fish, juices and more, the Viktualienmarkt has come a long way in its development from a humble farmers market. Foodies from all around the world will almost certainly find something unique to try and equal to the variety of products on sale, the quality & freshness of the offerings are constantly amazing. While it’s easy to go straight to one of the many butcher shops and buy a hot roast-pork or meatball roll, if your visit needs something more in terms of finesse you should head to the fish produce quarter where there are a scattering of quality wine bars and the casual food offerings head more into the fine-dining territory. A special treat is to go through the market and collect a selection of breads, meats & cheeses and then take this picnic into the central beer garden where bringing your own food is welcome. Enjoy a local beer and your spontaneous charcuterie board while people-watching the locals go about their daily business in the markets. 

A special locals tip: don’t leave Munich without first enjoying a traditional Bavarian breakfast in the Viktualienmarkt. A hot pot of white-sausages (Weißwurst), a giant pretzel (Breze) with sweet mustard (Suße Senf), and of course a local wheat beer. The locals are very particular about how white sausages can be eaten and when. Firstly they are specifically a breakfast item and it’s either not done or otherwise quite impossible to buy them after 12:00PM. Secondly white sausages must be peeled out of their skin before eating – it’s a huge faux pas to eat a white sausage with the skin on. With those points in mind, enjoy!


Practical Information

  • Varies per stand, but expect 6:00 in the morning to 18:00. 
  • Sundays are closed.

Marienplatz S-Bahn & U-Bahn from every direction.

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