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Oktoberfest Festival Tour

Approximately 4 hours

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Cross Oktoberfest off your Bucket List with Fat Tire Tours!

Saturday September 21st – Sunday October 6th, 2024

*9am & 10am start times available; perfect for touring the grounds followed by lunch and an Oktoberfest afternoon

There’s nothing quite like the Oktoberfest! It’s the world’s largest beer and folk festival, and tales of rambunctious festivities in their trademark temporary beer halls are the stuff of legend. During your four-hour guided tour of the Oktoberfest grounds including reserved beer tent seating, you’ll be amazed by the stories your tour guide will tell and the sheer size of the tents. We’ll teach you the drinking songs, Oktoberfest customs, how to properly toast, we’ll explain the traditional clothing, translate the German language, recommend the best food and drink, and overall make your experience with the authentic Munich Oktoberfest everything it should be. As we say here in Munich “Servus und herzlich willkommen!”

Tour Details

What’s Included
  • Live Guide
  • Transportation to the Oktoberfest grounds
  • Reserved Beer Tent Entry and Seating – skip the lines!
  • Vouchers for two large (litre) Beers and 1/2 a chicken
Good to Know
  • Please bring euros in cash if you wish to purchase more than 2 beers, any other food, and for tipping the table servers (which ensures continued good service at the table). Credit cards are not accepted.
  • Backpacks and heavy bags are not allowed on the festival grounds.
  • Prohibited items include glass bottles, pressurized cans, sharp objects, or anything that could be considered a weapon.
  • Please wear comfortable shoes (we recommend closed-toe shoes).
  • Although certainly not mandatory, it’s fun & encouraged to wear traditional attire!
  • While there will be a vegetarian option of food available, please note the traditional Bavarian food served at the Oktoberfest is generally meat-focused and not gluten free.
  • Please note this tour is non-refundable once purchased.


Munich, Oktoberfest, Highlights, Munich-Oktoberfest-Grounds.
1Roundtrip transport to grounds
Munich, Oktoberfest, Highlights, Munich-Oktoberfest-Tent.
2Entry into beer tent
Munich, Oktoberfest, Highlights, Munich-Oktoberfest-Table-Reservation.
3Table reservation
Munich, Oktoberfest, Highlights, Munich-Oktoberfest-2-Litres-Of-Beer.
42 liters of beer
Munich, Oktoberfest, Highlights, Munich-Oktoberfest-Chicken.
51/2 chicken meal
Munich, Oktoberfest, Highlights, Munich-Oktoberfest-Live-Guide.
6Local, experienced guide
Munich, Oktoberfest, Highlights, Munich-Oktoberfest-Music.
7Traditional music performances
Munich, Oktoberfest, Highlights, Munich-Oktoberfest-Bucket-List.
8Bucket list experience

Meeting Point

This tour meets at our shop, located in the courtyard of Karlsplatz 4.

At the Karlsplatz fountain with your back to Karlstor and the pedestrian shopping street, turn right along Sonnenstrasse. After 50 meters, you will see our shop in the courtyard of Karlsplatz 4, on the right-hand side. The closest metro station is Karlsplatz (Stachus).

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Check our Fat Tire Tours general FAQs or get in touch.

General Tour Questions

Where is the meeting point?

This tour meets at our shop which is just off Karlsplatz 4 (Stachus), the bustling square between the Main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof) and Marienplatz. At the Karlsplatz fountain with your back to Karlstor and the pedestrian shopping street, turn right along Sonnenstrasse. After 50 meters, you will see our shop in the courtyard of Karlsplatz 4, on the right-hand side. The closest metro station is Karlsplatz (Stachus).

Do they accept credit cards at the tents for extra beers?

Credit cards are not accepted, so please bring euros in cash for any extra purchases like additional beers or food. Tips for the wait staff ensure a speedy delivery of drinks and more attentive service.

What is your cancellation policy?

We reserve tables and food & drinks tickets for this tour well in advance, so all sales are final and not eligible for reimbursement. Should you need to reschedule your reservation with us to a different day within the same season, feel free to contact us. While we cannot guarantee availability, we will do our best to accommodate you!

Can I stay in the tent after our reservation has ended?

Absolutely! Our table reservation time is generally within a few hours, and you are of course welcome to stay in the beer tent or explore the rest of the festival grounds on your own.

Transportation back to your hotel or elsewhere up to you. If you aren’t sure how to get back, your guide will be happy to give you directions.

Is this experience appropriate for children?

While children are allowed on the Oktoberfest grounds, and there are many fun rides for the entire family, we cannot recommend this tour for young children.

Children are officially allowed to visit the beer tents until 6 pm each day, but there are big crowds and lots of beer is being consumed. It can get a bit hectic after a while for the younger ones not partaking in the revelry. Please use your own judgement.

What should I bring with me on the tour?

Small purses and bags with a volume of under 3 liters, or 20cm x 15cm x 10cm are permitted. That’s really not very big. Keys, small cameras, mobile phones, and a jacket are all okay, but no glass bottles or anything at all suspicious..

Please bring cash in euros if you would like to purchase additional beer or food. Credit cards are not accepted!

Can you provide a more detailed breakdown of the tour?

We’ll meet at our shop at Karlsplatz 4 and from there, we’ll take the metro (tickets included) to the festival grounds as a group. To enter the festival grounds we will have to go through security so please do not bring any large bags or prohibited objects with you.

Once through Security your guide will take you on a tour of the Oktoberfest grounds, giving you details about the history as well as fun anecdotes about events, the rides, and the beer tents.

From there we will enter the beer tent where we have a reservation, for entry and for seating – no waiting in lines or trying to find a table! You will be given your vouchers for drinks and food in the value of two liters of beer and a half chicken. The vouchers though are yours to spend as you please.

At any time, and also once our table reservation time is up (generally after a few hours), you can of course stay in the beer tent or explore the rest of the festival grounds on your own. Transportation back to your hotel or elsewhere is then up to you.

Can I bring my own food or drink in the tents?

While a plastic water bottle is generally permitted, food and drinks must be purchased on the fair grounds or in the tents. No glass bottles are permitted on the fair grounds.

What should I wear? Can I dress up?

Please wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes. It’s not fun when someone accidentally steps on your feet and you’re wearing flip-flops.

Normally more than 50% of the guests in the beer tents at the Oktoberfest wear traditional Bavarian attire, so feel free to don authentic garb if you’d like. Your guide will certainly be wearing traditional attire!

What is the number to call if I am lost and trying to find the meeting point?

If you are having difficulty finding the meeting location for your tour, please call us at+49 (0)89 23 88 87 98 and our staff will be happy to help you find your way.

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