The Six Best Beers in Munich Walking Tour

Approximately 3.5 hours

From €65

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Enjoying Munich beer culture - Fat Tire Tours
Enjoying Munich beer culture - Fat Tire Tours
Enjoying Munich beer culture - Fat Tire Tours
Enjoying Munich beer culture - Fat Tire Tours
Enjoying Munich beer culture - Fat Tire Tours
Enjoying Munich beer culture - Fat Tire Tours
A couple enjoying Munich beer culture

Join us on a tour through Munich’s beer history

A walking tour for the international beer connoisseur along with those curious about the world of Bavarian beers. Join us for a leisurely stroll through one of the most important beer cities in the world as we visit some of the best pubs in Munich and taste their finest beers.

Tour Details

What’s Included
  • Live Guide
  • Welcome beer or beverage
  • Four beerhall stops with complimentary Munich beer or equivalent beverage
  • Final beerhall stop (beverages not included)
Good to Know
  • This is a great tour to explore Munich’s beer culture, as well as being a nice introduction to the city’s old town also.
  • While alcohol is offered throughout the tour, each beverage can be replaced by a non-alcoholic option when desired.
  • This tour ends just before dinner time, so consider this tour a terrific way to find out where best to eat.
  • Your friendly guide is always happy to answer any question and help with anything at all, just ask!


Meeting Point

Your tour meets at our shop which is just off Karlsplatz 4 (Stachus), the bustling square between the Main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof) and Marienplatz. At the Karlsplatz fountain with your back to Karlstor and the pedestrian shopping street, turn right along Sonnenstrasse. After 50 meters, you will see our shop in the courtyard of Karlsplatz 4, on the right-hand side. The closest metro station is Karlsplatz (Stachus).


Have more questions? Check our Fat Tire Tours general FAQs or get in touch.

Who can join our Six Best Beers of Munich Walking Tour?

Is there an age limit for joining this tour?

Guests should note that the legal drinking age applying to beer in Germany is 16. While guests younger than sixteen can in principle join us on this tour, it’s not something that we would encourage. Any guest below the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legally responsible adult.

Are "Stag/Bucks Groups" welcome on the tour?

Unfortunately the answer is strictly no. Due to the strictness of the unwritten rules surrounding beerhall culture in Munich, bucks/stag groups are not welcome in many establishments and we cannot there for invite such groups on our tour. Guests arriving in costume or displaying any other outwardly obvious sign of being part of a bachelor or spinsters party will be uninvited from the tour without refund.

What happens if someone in our party arrives for the tour visibly under the influence of alcohol?

Our Six Best Beers of Munich Walking Tour is an activity centered on Munich culture and the civilised appreciation of excellent beer. Unfortunately guests arriving in a state where earlier beer consumption is obvious will be uninvited from the tour without refund.

Is the walking tour suitable for people with mobility issues?

The Six Best Beers of Munich Walking Tour covers a distance of around 5km walking. While this tour is conducted at a leisurely pace, this is still an average pace for most people. The tour can also on occasion require stair climbing. With these two points in mind, please do consider the individual capabilities of each guest in your party prior to booking.

Are there any "house rules" during the tour?

If the frequency or volume of alcoholic beverages don't agree with me…?

You tour guide and Fat Tire Tours reserves the right to reduce or cut off entirely alcoholic beverages from anyone on the tour who is visibly or severely suffering under the influence of alcohol, at any time. Replacement non-alcoholic beverages will be offered when possible. This is to protect our relationship with the city’s various beerhalls and allow us to continue to provide this tour to others in future.

What should I expect from the Six Best Beers of Munich Walking Tour?

What's included in the tour?

We have a wonderful route through the old town ready for you, showing you some of the best beerhalls in Munich and offering you the opportunity to try the city’s very best local beers. Your first five beers are included in the tour price, the last tour stop in the last beerhall drinks are not included, but your tour guide will offer you every recommendation and the rest will be up to you.

Are gratuities included in the tour price?

At each of the stops where drinks are included, we will cover your waiter’s gratuity. At the final beerhall where drinks are not included, that will be your time to shine.

Please note that gratuities for your guide are not included in the tour price but will be very appreciated by your hostess or host.

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