Rome Bike Rentals


Bike Rentals in Rome 

Cycling by the Colosseum on a bike is as spectacular as it sounds - renting a comfortable cruiser bike will allow you to discover Rome at your own pace.

Pedaling through roads full of history has never been easier than before thanks to our Roman-cobblestone-resistant-proof bicycles!

Your bike renting will start from our office which is located in the historic city centre of Rome inside the fascinating Roman Ghetto, close to Piazza Venezia, a perfect flat area to start discovering the city. 

If you prefer to get oriented with the city before renting the bike, our Rome Bike Tour is perfect overview to the eternal city. You can also keep your bike after the tours and continue the exploration on your own.

Our “fat tire” bikes have two large wheels, with more surface and air than a normal city bike so they are very easy to ride and beginner-friendly, plus our super comfy seats make the experience even more pleasant. Every bike has 3 gears, which is all you need for Rome. 

We have red bikes with sloping cross bars that make it easy to swing your leg over to get on and dismount the bike. We also have blue bikes with higher crossbars that look more like mountain bikes, but the handlebars come up to meet you so that you won’t be bent over.  There is no need to decide up front which bike you’d like; you can try out both models at our office.

Our bikes have front and back lights, a rack with a bungee cord where you can stack your belongings. Each bicycle has a kickstand that makes it easy to park your bike whenever you want and lock it quickly with a rear wheel in-frame lock. Our rental includes a bike lock and in case you are a group, we will hand you a cable to better lock all of them together.

Traveling with kids? We have 20” and 24” wheeled bicycles available for children. Contact our team if you aren’t sure which size is best for your child to ensure we reserve the right size for you. Unfortunately, we do not have tricycles, tandems, or bikes with training wheels for adults or children that may be less confident in their riding ability. We do however have limited baby seats and kids tag-along options.

Before leaving the office, our staff will point out for you the best circuits and cycling lanes of the city on a map that you can take with you, pointing out the best ways to reach sites, and which roads need to be avoided!


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Things To See By Bike

  • Colosseum
  • Imperial Fora road
  • Tiber River cycling lane
  • Appian Way
  • Pantheon
  • Roman Ghetto district
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Circus Maximus
  • Piazza Campo de’ Fiori
  • Piazza Navona
    • Bike
    • Helmet (provided for all but optional - compulsory for kids up to 12 years old)
    • Lock
    • We highly recommend reserving your rental in advance - once your reservation is confirmed, you will be certain to have a bike for the day!
    • We have a limited number of kid's bikes, you can email us to reserve a bike.  
    • Pregnant women are strongly discouraged from cycling due to cobbled streets.  
    • If you're keeping your bike overnight, we highly recommend to keep them at your hotel or secure place to lock your bike. 
    • If you are interested in joining Our Rome Day Bike Tour, this is the best way to get oriented with the city, and you are welcome to hold onto your bikes after touring with us to continue exploring on your own.
    • If you are looking to rent a bike to cycle along The Appian Way, this can be a great bike excursion to enjoy with our bikes. Please note that this path is 4km from our office and it requires some middle-entry cycling skills to navigate on this bumpy road made of 2.000 year old cobblestones, but there are some little paths that run on the side that make it smoother.
  • You can pick up your bikes directly at our office, located at Via dei Delfini, 35/36. We are 5m walk from Piazza Venezia. The closest metro station is 16 minutes walk at Colosseo metro stop (red line), while the closest bus station is Ara Coeli/Piazza Venezia which is just 5m walking distance. If you are coming by car, the historical city centre of Rome is a limited traffic area that requires a special permit to enter, so we suggest parking the car outside the limited zone  (there is covered parking at the Colosseum), then reach the office by foot, taxi or public transport.

    Our office is easy to spot from the street - you will see a “Bikes & Segways” vertical white sign hanging on a big wood open door.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Expand/Collapse What kind of bikes do you have?

    We have 3-speed city bikes, so you'll be upright and able to look around and enjoy the city.  They of course come with fat tires so that you can take on the cobblestone streets in the old parts of town, and a luggage rack on the back where you can securely fasten small bags.

  • Expand/Collapse What documents are required to rent a bike?

    A valid ID (identity card, passport, military card, etc.).

  • Expand/Collapse Is there a deposit or insurance?

    There is a deposit if you want to pay by cash at the office. It will be kept for the duration of your rental and given back to you at the end. If you want to pay by card, we will temporarily keep your card on file as a guarantee but charge you only the rental fee. We also keep a copy of your ID card (passport, driver's license, military id, etc.).

  • Expand/Collapse Are reservations required to rent a bike?

    Reservations are highly recommended in the summer months - our first priority is our tours, and then we will rent any extra bikes.  Email us to book your bikes!

  • Expand/Collapse What if I decide that I'd like to keep the bike longer?

    You can choose to hold onto your bike for longer and just pay the difference when you return. Just be sure to note our seasonal opening hours and get in contact with us if you want to arrange a specific drop-off time. However we will ask that any kid's bikes & equipment be brought back at the agreed upon time, as these items are in high demand for our tours.

  • Expand/Collapse Will I have a basket?

    Our bikes have luggage racks on the back with bungee cords, and our team will help you secure your day pack so that it's safe and thief-proof.

  • Expand/Collapse Should I bring my Spandex?

    You certainly can if that's your style, however our bikes are equipped with chain guards, comfy seats, and handlebars that come up to meet you. Regular clothing is perfectly fine.

  • Expand/Collapse What if I get a flat tire?

    Our tires are, well, fat, and quite resistant to punctures, but they still do happen.  If you get a flat tire during your rental period, just give us a call at +390669797781,  +390552398855 or +33182888096 and we'll be happy to help however we can.